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Carbs & Cals x Tower View Media

Despite the turmoil of COVID-19, we've created new business ventures...

At the end of April, we were contacted by the company Carbs and Cals about aiding their expansion from hard print to YouTube.

This included not only animating and editing weekly videos, but also graphics creation and YouTube management.


The thumbnail for the Smoothies Recipe Book Promotional Video.



Carbs & Cals is a series of bestselling books & an award-winning app for diabetes & weight loss. Their purpose is to aid in the process of counting carbs, calories and other nutrients. Their books show thousands of photos of food portions, with nutritional information.

"We make carb & calorie counting easy to understand and accessible to everyone"

Before TVM
After TVM

Carbs & Cals wanted to branch into YouTube to reach a wider community and bring a more 3D aspect to counting carbohydrates and calories.

The new Carbs and Cals YouTube page went live on the 18th June after 7 weeks of hard work. Within 2 weeks, the channel had over 2K subscribers, with the first video released hitting over 4K views! We can't wait to continue the journey with Carbs & Cals, creating exciting content that helps people manage their diabetes and weight loss.

You can see more videos on the Carbs and Cals YouTube Page.

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