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Competition - Win a free animated Ad for your small business!

Calling all small business owners! This February, Tower View Media is running a competition to win a free animated ad for your business, created by us.

From the 1st February until 5 pm on the 12th February you can have the chance to enter into a draw to win a fully customizable animated video to promote your business online ... and the best part, entry is free!

As a small business ourselves, we understand that it can be difficult to have the work that you do recognised, and this year more than most, we wanted to reach out within our community and beyond to make you something you can show off. Video has long been recognized as the #1 form of media used in content strategy, making up over 50% of all mobile traffic on Facebook and other social media platforms (via Hubspot).

As with anything Tower View Media does, we like to be transparent, so let me tell you why we are doing this.

Community. This has been a wacky year for any business and we haven't met one company this year that hasn't had to adapt in some way and lean on its support networks. We are firm believers that when we come together, be it in the form of new business ventures or even just business to business advice, we are stronger. With that in mind, we want this competition to genuinely help another business by giving them a tool to reach new customers and come together with their community in showing off what they can do.

Collaboration. We know we aren't alone when we say we love meeting new small businesses and we hope that this competition introduces us to you all! Whether you win the competition or just end up following the page, we can't wait to meet you (albeit virtually)!

We love creating. We love what we do and we love the process of generating ideas and turning them into realities that clients are proud to show off. Let's get creative!


When is the competition open?

The competition is open from 9am on February 1st 2021 until 5 pm on the 12th February 2021.

How do I enter?

All you have to do like Tower View Media on Facebook or Instagram and send us a screenshot that you have done that!

What if I already follow you?

Just send us a message saying you want to enter - thanks for following!

When do I get my video if I win?

After the competition ends, a winner will be selected randomly. We will then work with the winner to find out about their business and what they want to create. From then we expect to turn the whole thing around within 2 weeks ... realistically, we think you'll have it ready to share by mid-March latest.

What can my video be?

The only constraints we are putting on the video are as follows:

- No longer than 30 seconds in duration

- Animation is 2D

- Any imagery or music must be licensed or creative commons (if you're unsure about what this means, don't worry! We know the ins and outs).

Other than that, go wild! Let's create.


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