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Performance in a Wind Tunnel

Location: UK

Industry: Technology & IT


Client & Product

Intergence are a software developer whose product helps businesses internationally to streamline their activities using AI and IT technologies. To display some of their cutting edge software they put it to the test by measuring Olympic skiier and company partner Chemmy Alcott in a wind tunnel to showcase how the software could be used to display and analyse the data being captured.


The main challenge for this shoot was visually showing the link between the software and skiier in the wind tunnel. In addition, how would we make the juxtaposition of sporting action and data entry remain engaging to a viewer.

Job Done

To answer the challenge we planned carefully before both filming and editing. In the production stage of the project we made sure we captured angles where both the data analysis and the data capture could be seen in one frame, most notably the shots over the shoulders of the technicians in the control room that pulled focus as the shot looked through the glass to Chemmy in the wind tunnel. In the editing stage we made sure we met the challenges by creating a balance between the two subjects, ensuring that every shot of the skiier (the more visually interesting subject) was followed by the data analysis of the software team.

Implemented Features

On the Day

Chemmy and the Intergence crew were a joy to work with and the shoot was great fun. The location itself was fascinating and is mostly used to measure the smallest of details of air resistance for Olympic cyclists. Having full access to the giant structure and labs was great and thanks to our pre-production planning, we were able to utilise our gear choices to get some brilliant angles.

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Video Creation

We only had six goes of the skiiers in the wind tunnel and thus it was important to have an agile setup that would allow us to capture all of the angles necessary to tell the story. With this in mind we kept the tripod in the bag and filmed mostly handheld and on the gimbal. We partnered the flexibility of movement with some creative frame rate choices to produce a dynamic end product.


The client had a great time on set with us and were really excited by the images we were capturing. By the time we had a scheduled break in the day, both the client and Chemmy were asking if we could load up some of the opening shots from the morning to share with their social media audiences.

Social Media

One of the key deliverables of the brief was to have versions purposed to sell Intergence's upcoming online webinar. With that in mind, we produced a series of adverts for Instagram stories that the company released in the build-up to the event using footage we captured for the main video.

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Media Coverage

One reflection on the uniqueness of the subject we were capturing and the success of our work on the project was that the BBC contacted Intergence with interest to broadcast the footage for Ski Sunday, a prime-time Sunday show on BBC 2.


Overall the project was a success for all involved. We were able to deliver on all aspects of the brief and it was great to have our work recognised beyond the original scope.

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